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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things aren't always as they seem

I don't even know how to post this post. I am still trying to sort out my feelings. What do you do when everything you know is turned upside down? I had allowed myself to get comfortable. Now, in just one phone call... everything I knew as "normal" has taken on a new meaning. Through the trials of the last few years, my best friend has been there every step of the way. I finally get to a place to where I don't have to be "babysat" so much... and the tables turn. Wow. I don't know even how to process it. When I am at liberty to post the details, I will. In the meantime... if the Lord directs you, could you please pray for this situation. The Lord knows the details, and He is so faithful!

Love your sister in Christ!


Karen P. said...

Terri, I'm including you and the situation in my prayers.


Terri_in_Alabama said...

Karen, thank you so very much!!! Hopefully I can tell after this weekend... But, I would most definitely appreciate your prayers!